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4MyFans is a social platform that enables users to both share their content and enjoy others’ content. 4MyFans is the trading name of Halosauridae Ltd.

By using the services of, you agree to share some information with us. The following Privacy Policy sets out the rules of engagement between you, the user, and us, the website. By reading our Privacy Policy you are informed regarding the way we collect information, how we intend to use it and who we share it with, if necessary.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Privacy Policy of, feel free to use our contact information form to write to us.

Things to consider:

In the following, users will be addressed as "Creators" or "Fans" – Creators being the ones who are posting content on the website, while Fans are the ones who are accessing the content uploaded by the Creator

The Creators are the ones who determine the monthly subscription fee that Fans need to pay in order to view the content. The Fans are the ones who decide for themselves what content to view.

There are 3 types of information collected by us, from both Creators and Fans:

  1. Information that you choose to share with us
  2. Information resulted from your pattern of using our services
  3. Information that we get from third parties

  1. Information that you (Creator/Fan) choose to share with us (

    Depending on the type of account you create, you may be asked to disclose the following personal information: your name, postal address, e-mail address, username, your date of birth, your banking credentials and a copy of your passport/ID.

    Additional information may be required in order to make your profile more visible to others. We are talking about information such as: profile pictures, a profile name, other useful identifying info.

    Be careful what kind of information you are providing us with, that will be uploaded onto your page, because this info can be used by others. If you have any concerns regarding the information that you are providing us with, contact us and we’ll collect only the information that you are volunteering offering us.

  2. Information resulted from your pattern of using our services

    When using our website, we’re collecting information regarding the way you are using our services – the content that you choose to view, the content that you share and so on. This helps us to constantly improve our website and our services, so that you can have a better user experience.

    Usage info - we collect information regarding the content the viewer accessed, so that we can suggest similar content to that particular user.

    Content info - we collect the content that you create on our website, such as: custom stickers, photos, videos, texts, info about the content provided or created, the metadata provided with the content and so on.

    Device info - we collect the IP addresses or other identification data from and about the devices you are using when accessing our website, in particular, information regarding the hardware and software – hardware model, operating system version, device memory, advertising identifiers, unique application identifiers, apps installed, browser type, language, time zone, battery.

    Location info - we collect info about your location when using our services, and with your consent this type of info can expand to a more precise location, using GPS, wireless networks, cell towers, WI-FI access points and so on.

    Cookies - we use the usual Google analytics and session cookies. Most browsers are set to accept cookies, you can remove or reject browser cookies, but this may affect the availability or functionality of our services.

    Log info - we collect log information: details about how you’ve used our services, web browser type, language, access times, page views, IP address.

How is this information being used?

All the information that we collect is directed towards improving our services and your experience when using our website.

Through this information that we collect, we:

How is this information being shared?

All the information collected through our website may be shared in the following ways:

All the information collected through our website may be shared in the following ways:

We do not offer third-party content and integrations.

We do not let other companies collect information regarding the way you use our services.

Keep in mind that you are always in control of the information that you choose to provide us with, so you can delete any content at any time given.

When closing the account, your personal data that we hold regarding you, will be deleted after six months, in agreement with Article 13(2)(b&c) GDPR.

Finally, we comply with the other provisions of the GDPR to the extent that they are mandatory applicable to the subject matter.